This Town’s Decision on Illegal Immigrant Kids Has Liberals Yelling “RACIST!”


From Mad World News: A Virginia town has found itself on the receiving end of Liberal idiocy lately after denying illegal immigrant children housing in their community. Liberals have in turn sued the city, claiming the rule is not only intolerant, but – you guessed it – racist.

Regardless of what the left thinks, those that break the law are criminals – regardless of the circumstance. As it’s well-known here in America, ignorance is not an excuse and enabling individuals to break the law is downright outrageous.

This mindset was precisely one town’s sentiment when an overwhelming majority stepped up to say “no” when those who sought to profit from housing illegals volunteered to do just that. Needless to say, after being slapped down, the money-grubbing organization is filing suit against the town, taking to insults as a way to win an argument – how Liberal.

Apparently the Federal Government – more specifically, Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources Bill Hazel and Secretary of Education Anne Holton – was seeking several new areas where they could house the surging illegals. After all, if we take in people, they must have a place to go, and what more advantageous way than to sprinkle this new crop of potential voters around the country for the future benefit of Democrats.

When the closed facility of St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia was suggested, about 1,000 of the 1,300 attendees showed up in protest and the deal was subsequently squashed.

Needless to say, on account of losing a potentially staggering $160,000 a month, “the fair-housing group Home Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia, are filing a housing discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development against the town of Lawrenceville, surrounding Brunswick County and Brunswick County’s elected Sheriff Brian Roberts,” according to Watch Dog.

The suit describes that the town and sheriff “orchestrated and implemented a plan to block the deal.” Furthermore, it states, “Purported concerns by these individuals are grounded in false stereotypes about Latinos and reflect discrimination based on race, color, and/or national origin.”

And boom goes the “racist” dynamite.

Those suing the town eventually go on to whine about how unfair it is that illegal children are being denied the opportunity to live in their great town because of the meddling of officials. Regardless what they think – and what the government is trying so hard to cram down the throats of Americans – these children are criminals and should be sent home, not rewarded for breaking our nation’s laws with citizenship.

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