TRAGEDY Strikes NFL Star’s Home After What Was Just Found On The Driveway – This is Really Bad…

Possibly the scariest thing about having children is the feeling that part of your heart is running around outside of your body. No matter how hard you try, you can never fully protect them. Somehow it’s both the most incredible and terrifying experience of any parent’s life, and yet it’s somehow seeing their shining little faces smile up at you makes it all worth it. This, among other reasons, is why a parent should never outlive a child. There’s an unimaginable pain that cripples a person to know that they were in some way unable to fulfill the task given to them by God to protect one of His tiny humans.

For this reason, we ask that your thoughts and prayers go out to former Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap as he and his family deal with an incredible tragedy. This retired football star and his family are broken because of this event that has no doubt changed their lives.

Via Daily Mail:

“Retired NFL tight end Todd Heap accidentally ran over and killed his three-year-old daughter while moving his truck on Friday.

Mesa, Arizona police responded to the accident on 7600 block of East Summit Trail at 3.45pm according to AZCentral. 

The little girl was in a driveway when Heap, 37, pulled forward and ran over his youngest child. She later died at a local hospital.

Police say there were no signs of impairment and the investigation is ongoing. Heap and his wife Ashley have four children. 

Heap played 10 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens and two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. He retired in 2012 and is a native of Mesa. 

He was first-round draft pick in 2001 after he played for Arizona State University.” 

Via Baltimore Ravens:

“The Ravens organization released the following statement: 

‘We cannot imagine the heartbreak and sorrow Todd and Ashley’s family feels right now. This is knee-buckling news and an overwhelmingly sad tragedy. Our prayers, our thoughts and our hearts are with the Heaps, who have contributed so much to the Ravens and Baltimore community. 

‘We believe their deep faith and tremendous support from friends and family will help them through this unimaginable time.’ 

Heap, 37, is a tremendous family man, and he and his wife Ashley also have another daughter and three young sons.

The Washington Post remembers an interview that Heap did about a year and a half ago:

“In December 2015, he was asked by the Ravens’ website, ‘What makes Todd Heap smile?’ He replied, ‘I just got done jumping on the trampoline with my two-year-old daughter, and it’s hard to get a bigger smile than that. … Family and all of the events we do, that regularly makes me smile.'”

Children bring light and music and inversely without them there’s a deafening silence and darkness that is hard to escape. No doubt this family will try many things to distract themselves, but I hope those around them will understand that this isn’t a moment in time, it’s a change in direction for their lives. I’ve heard those who’ve gone through a similar situation say that there really is no “getting over it.” This will be their new reality for as long as their memory lasts.

What this family needs are people to rally around them and listen to them for as long as they feel the need to vent it. It might take some time to talk, but there will be a lot of memories and a lot of things that need to be said. They will probably try to figure out what went wrong or grieve over the part of themselves that they will never get back and the lifetime of hopes and dreams that ended that day. I hope they are able to find friends who will lift them up in prayers and be there when they need to remember that their little girl’s memory lives on.

Having a kid in your life can make you brave and give you a reason to reach high and add dimension and color to your life that you didn’t know existed. The removal of that incredible life force is something that deserves as many prayers, remembrances and as much support as your place in the parent’s life warrants. So tonight, I ask everyone reading this to go home tonight and hold your children close and thank God for what they mean to you. Keep a close watch on them, but today and every day you remember the Heap family, please say a prayer for them.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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