Traitors John McCain and Lindsey Graham JOIN DEMOCRATS to DELEGITIMIZE President-Elect Trump

It’s been said that if Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Donald Trump (correctly) stated that he was competing in a rigged election, and he was right. The fact that he won doesn’t disprove that – it just proves that he won despite competing in a rigged election! Before election day, it wasn’t uncommon to see a sign reading “It’s not rigged – you’re just losing!” at Hillary’s rallies.

Now that Trump won, it’s the Democrats whining about how unfair it all is. They’re blaming the electoral college system, as if winning by the rules we have in this country is somehow unfair. If we went by a popular vote, Trump would’ve just structured his campaign differently and won by the popular vote then.

While Hillary said that Trump stating he would refuse to accept the results of the election if he lost, her campaign quickly backed Jill Stein’s “Recount 2016” campaign, which ended up resulting in Trump’s lead widening….

Now, it’s not just Democrats trying to thwart Trump, it’s a group of RINOs. As Truthfeed reported:

Bitter traitors and GOP establishment hacks, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pushing the hairbrained “Russian Hacking” conspiracy theory to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency.

They along with other DC idiots released a statement regarding the BOGUS CIA report that shows no evidence, yet still points to Russia “affecting the election.”

The FBI has chimed in, stating there’s no link that the Russians were working to help anyone.

They’re seriously devolving into conspiracy theories to try to discredit Trump.

Even if Russia did support Donald Trump, is it really a surprise that they preferred him to Hillary? Put differently: is it really surprised that Russia supported the candidate who didn’t want to go to war with Russia? Yeah – exactly…

The swamp is being drained, and part of the reason establishment dinosaurs like John McCain an Lindsey Graham don’t like Trump is because they know they’re part of the swamp.

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