Transgender Claims “She” Was Escorted Out Of Women’s Restroom, Security Footage Contradicts The Story

A transgender “woman” from North Carolina claims she was escorted out of a women’s bathroom, but it turns out the incident may not have happened.

From My Fox 8:

Alexis Adams told WTVD last week that she was “humiliated beyond belief” and “bystanders were stunned” as security escorted her out of the Transit Center Thursday.

“I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I was speechless,” she said. “It was embarrassing. I was outed in front of everybody.”

The Durham woman said she wanted to make a statement by going into a woman’s restroom and snapping a selfie in the mirror.

She said a custodian confronted her when she came out of the stall and she was escorted out.

The city of Durham owns the Transit Center and recently released surveillance footage of the alleged incident after the original story was aired.

Adams can be seen in the video entering the public bathroom alone. About four minutes later, a custodian enters. Shortly later, Adams can be seen leaving the restroom by herself.

The video does not show whether or not the custodian said anything to Adams.

WTVD showed Adams the video footage and she is sticking by her story. “You had to be there to witness it,” she said.

Something definitely seems fishy about all of this, wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t want to judge this person prematurely, but it appears this individual is out for attention of some sort, and well, it looks like they got what they wanted.

However, if it turns out their story is false, it could backfire and they might find themselves in a spot of trouble.

Regardless, this person should’ve used the bathroom that matched their natural plumbing. That would save everyone a whole lot of stress.

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