Transgender ‘Woman’ Caught Taking Pictures Of Little Girls At Target


Get used this happening more & more. Obama just ordered all school districts to allow students to use whatever bathroom they want. He’s trying to confuse young kids, who will end up believing they’re “transgender,” and then go on & become part of the Dem LGBT/pedophile army.

DALLAS, TX 4/25 – A transgender ‘woman’ by the name of James Goebel was caught snapping photos of underage girls using the restroom at a Dallas area Target store Monday morning.

One of the victims, a 13 year old girl, said she could hear someone’s iphone camera snapping and was curious, so she looked under the stall only to see the camera phone in her face. She ran out and told her father, who held the door shut until police arrived.

When authorities arrived, they arrested 28 year old James Goebel and searched her phone for evidence. They found over 700 photos of young girls using the restroom, from dates ranging in the past 5 months.

Goebel has been charged with possession of child pornography, intent to distribute child pornography, sexual assault of a minor and indecency with a minor. These charges along with prior felony convictions could land Goebel in prison for 20 years, as well as a lifelong label as a child predator.

Dallas’s local LGBT community has come together to stand in defence with Goebel, claiming she should not be persecuted because she was “born a pedophile and therefore can not change her sexual orientation”. This comment comes from the leader of Dallas’s LGBT Aqua Squad, Dorothy Wright.

Principal Pete Cahall, waves a rainbow flag, symbolizing gay pride, at a rally of about 1000 Woodrow Wilson High School students and gay supporters June 9, 2014 at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, DC. The rally was held to counter a planned protest by Westboro Baptist Church, the Kansas-based organization known for anti-gay picketing at funerals. AFP PHOTO/Paul J. RichardsPAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

The United States does not currently view pedophilia as a sexual orientation, but this is something that Dallas LGBT Aqua Squad is hoping to change.

“We will be remembered in history like MLK for the work we are doing today. We have no doubt in our minds that within 5 years, all sexual orientations, including pedophila will be decriminalized. Weed also” – Dorothy Wright

Their endeavors have been met with fierce criticism, but Wright stands strong, saying:
“We aren’t gonna let these pansy pistol packing, scared to fight with their own hands, scared of anyone different than them, sister *#!%ing, small [penis] looking ass redneck losers get in our way”

Via KRBC News

This guy is a genetic mistake. A mutation. A freak of nature. Obama & the left want him to be the new normal. Not surprising coming from the party that voted God out of their platform. I’d say the devil is in full control of the Democratic Party, and he’s coming for your kids.


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