A security guard in an Atlanta mall was called in to deal with women who had apparently started fights with other customers.

These lovely young Mothers show a wonderful example to their children, as they just can’t leave it alone. After one of the women take things too far, the guard helpfully shows her how a Taser works.

This is how thugs are born and bred. Remember that when Michael Brown’s mom Leslie McSpadden isn’t being media-staged as the poor grieving mother, she is hurling obscenities and committing violent assaults.

Say good night, Gracie.

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More About The Security Guard

Darien Long aka “Kick Ass Mall Cop” (ATL Security Guard, who tasered “Trashy Mom”) became known after the publication of the video “Trashy mom get tasered”, but the following days numerous videos showed Darrian confronting hostile guests, chasing numerous drug dealers from the mall, the local businesses and storefronts in the same area. It’s a job that he has to do on a daily basis, because the area is cluttered with drug dealers, local bullies and other raff’s.

Who is Darien Long, Atlanta Kick Ass Security Guy?

– He is 45, born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y. He moved to Atlanta looking for job 14 years a go.
– He is only 5 feet 10.
– He attended Buffalo State University.
– He served 2 years in the U.S. Army as a communications technician.
– He was a factory worker, courier, cashier, and salesman, before stumbling into security work.

When he moved to Atlanta, he lived with a cousin for a while, then at the Clermont Hotel, before settling into a homeless shelter. Once, he also had a vices, it was a speeding with fast cars. Long has been arrested four times for speeding. He has never been sued, but anyway he spent 80 days in jail for that.
“I am by no means perfect,” Long said. “I have many flaws.”
Today, he lives with his mother. He dresses in blue jeans, boots, he carries a gun, handcuffs and a flashlight. He wears a bullet-proof vest equipped with a camera and a pocket to hold his Taser.

How he got the security job in Atlanta Metro Mall?

He was hired as a security officer at the mall a year ago, because, simply no one else wanted to accept that job. The last two armed guards were chased off by a numerous drug dealers and local thugs. They both resigned after threats received.
“When I spoke to the manager, I said, ‘I am not going to manage your problem,’” Long said. “I told him I would solve his problem.”
Long said when he arrived at the mall, where a dozen vendors sell everything from knock-off clothes to hair weaves, it was teeming with drug dealers, prostitutes and hustlers selling stolen merchandise.

Francisca Shokane, who owns a hair salon in the mall, said her customers were often terrified by the criminal element.
“Before they hired Darien, they used to rob our customers and snatch pursues. Then when you would follow them, they would say they were going to come back and shoot you,” Shokane said. “Now it is much better and safer. They don’t come in here and bother us anymore.”

When he is standing outside the mall, it is obvious that Long has made a difference. It is clear of loiterers, unlike other nearby store fronts.
“We complain and we call 911,” said downtown resident Stuart Jackson. “They keep promising cameras and foot patrols, but within a few weeks, it goes away. Then when the next official comes in, it starts all over again. And nothing happens.”

On his cellphone, Long has collected mug shots of more than 100 criminals who he knows by name and he isn’t afraid to call them out. He points out one who, he said, had spit in his face. He calls out to another and runs down his rap sheet. The man doesn’t say anything, but gives Long two middle fingers.
“They have a sense of entitlement,” Long said. “They tried to use intimidation, but they ran into the wrong person.”

The donations page on Crowdtilt.com, which had raised $23,678 as of Friday night for Long’s equipment.
Long, who has never been sued, said he would use the funds to get a paralegal certificate and buy better equipment.
“I am always concerned about my safety, but not so concerned that I won’t act,” Long said. “I signed up and I do the job. If I don’t do my job, what I am here for?”

Darrien says the area downtown Atlanta needs to be cleaned up so that other business can set up and prosper. This brave guy deserves overwhelming support from the entire nation in his stand against crime and in his stand for order and prosperity.

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