Traumatized Professor Comes Forward With What 50 Racist Black Students Did To Him On ‘Day Without Whites’

This is beyond sick!

Over the past week, a racist mob of black students at Evergreen State College have been plotting a sick way to make white people pay for the “injustices” of America’s history, by organizing a “Day of Absence” where all white students and professors would be banned from campus. In recently released footage, the horde of racist blacks could be seen clearing rooms and buildings on the college campus, screaming alarming racist-filled tirades into white people’s faces, demanding that they immediately vacate the campus. Now a white professor is speaking out about the disturbing that that happened to him after a group of 50 racist black students ambushed his classroom, in a sickening story black racism that the liberal media refuses to cover.

As previously reported by Freedom Daily, this tax payer-funded college in Washington state has been the latest campus to try and segregate whites, as racist blacks are eager to do whatever they can to make whitey pay. Alarming footage was released yesterday, showing an belligerent mob of blacks confronting one disoriented-looking white female professor, where they screamed “BLACK POWER!” just inches away from her face, while ironically going on to claim that “whiteness is the most violent system to ever breathe!”

Now a biology professor at the college is breaking his silence about went on that day, saying that it was a highly-traumatizing experience for most white students on campus.  Professor Bret Weinstein wrote the op-ed piece for the Wallstreet Journal, sharing exactly what happened as the black horde or racists confronted him during their “white absence day.” Despite being scared for his life, Weinstein heroically stood his ground, refusing to comply to the blacks’ sick and racist demands.

Professor Bret Weinstein

Racially charged, anarchic protests have engulfed Evergreen State College, a small, public liberal-arts institution where I have taught since 2003. In a widely disseminated video of the first recent protest on May 23, an angry mob of about 50 students disrupted my class, called me a racist, and demanded that I resign. My “racist” offense? I had challenged coercive segregation by race. Specifically, I had objected to a planned “Day of Absence” in which white people were asked to leave campus on April 12.

Day of Absence is a tradition at Evergreen. In previous years students and faculty of color organized a day on which they met off campus—a symbolic act based on the Douglas Turner Ward play in which all the black residents of a Southern town fail to show up one morning. This year, however, the formula was reversed. “White students, staff and faculty will be invited to leave the campus for the day’s activities,” the student newspaper reported, adding that the decision was reached after people of color “voiced concern over feeling as if they are unwelcome on campus, following the 2016 election.”

Weinstein knew back in March of the black students’ plans, but objected through an email that he sent out to the staff and faculty of the school saying:

 “There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and under-appreciated roles . . . and a group or coalition encouraging another group to go away,” I wrote. “On a college campus, one’s right to speak—or to be—must never be based on skin color.”

Weinstein said that the protest in his class emerged seemingly “out of the blue” and that Evergreen has now “slipped into madness.”

You don’t need the news to tell you that—the protesters’ own videos will do. But those clips reveal neither the path that led to this psychosis, nor the cautionary nature of the tale for other campuses.

Despite being fearful for his personal safety, Weinstein stood his ground, refusing to be bulled by the petulant little black snowflakes who are so willing to flush years worth of civil rights progress down the toilet all because of their twisted sense of reality.

If you haven’t seen the video yet of what white people endured on the campus earlier this week, below is a video montage of their barbaric acts of racism. The video begins as one frightened white professor is ambushed as she comes out of her classroom, looking bewildered as the horde of racists blacks began screaming their premeditated chant, “hey hey ho ho racists teachers have gotta go!” Other clips show the same group of blacks becoming belligerent and interrupting various white professors’ lectures across campus, where they hijack the classroom screaming at whites to leave.

It’s truly alarming how eager some black people are to bring segregation back to America, as long as they can be the ones in the seat of power doing the discriminating. Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling in his grave right now as this generation of blacks have absolutely no appreciation for the message that he marched and died for, as they keep clinging to the rhetoric that all white people must pay for what happened 200 years ago, despite the fact that only 5% of whites even owned slaves!

Kudos to this professor for standing his ground. We need more people willing to stand up to these racist morons, and take our country back before it’s unrecognizable. Barack Obama must be so proud of his accomplishments! Looks like his 8 years of race-baiting and manufactured race war is finally paying off!

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