TREASON: Hillary Caught Red-Handed Teaming Up With Muslim Terrorist Country [DETAILS]


From Conservative Tribune:  Hillary Clinton’s camp, amid accusations ranging from an email scandal to their failure to disclose foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, is like a giant onion being peeled back by both lawmakers and the public, one layer at a time.

The latest layer concerns Clinton’s teaming with everyone’s favorite mullah-led Islamic regime, Iran. Between 2005 and 2008, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation accepted contributions totaling as much as $80,000 from the Alavi Foundation.

The United States government declared that the Alavi Foundation is an arm of the Iranian government — one with a dark history.

During Clinton’s presidential run in 2008, she also hired a campaign finance director by the name of Hassan Nemazee, a man who in 2010 was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme in which he scammed $292 million in fraudulent loans from CitiBank.

A snippet from a 2009 Forbes article sums up why the Alavi Foundation is not ideal to be linked to if one is vying for the presidency.

“Alavi’s contribution (in 2008) to Clinton came just two days after the Treasury Department also designated Alavi’s partner, the New York-based Assa Corp., as a terrorist entity, and the New York Southern District’s attorney seized and forfeited its assets,” the Forbes piece stated.

Then, it got worse. In 2013, a U.S. District Judge granted summary judgment for the United States’ forfeiture claim of a 36-story Midtown Manhattan office building co-owned by Alavi and Assa Corp. The feds ruled that the building owners were a “front for the Iranian government” and violated a list of serious laws and statutes in conjunction with Bank Melli Iran.

Did we mention that Bank Melli Iran, under executive order, was designated by the United States as a terrorist funding organization in 2007?

Nemazee’s ties with the Clinton’s stretch back into the late 90s, when President Bill Clinton nominated him as the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, but then retracted the nomination after Forbes published an article highlighting his shady business practices.

Yet, somehow, Nemazee ended up on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry’s campaign in 2004 and subsequently on Clinton’s campaign in a finance position during her run for nominee in 2008 (H/T WND).

Nemazee has such a large basket of dirty laundry, we lack space to list it all. So why was this man, with strong connections to the terrorist regime of Iran, along with the Alavi Foundation, making contributions and working to advance Clinton’s political ambitions?

It’s our belief that, aside from her growing list of other scandals, these odd connections and contributions need to be immediately explained in a transparent manner if she truly wants a shot at representing the United States.


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