TREASON: Obama’s State Dept Just Sent $6 MILLION to Shocking Group in the Middle East


From the Conservative Tribune: President Barack Obama’s State Department on Monday issued a press release detailing a funding initiative that would line the coffers of a Palestinian organization that has been repeatedly documented as having ties to terrorism on multiple levels.

The organization, known as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, will be receiving a $6 million check courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Having been accused of aiding and abetting Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas, UNRWA also reportedly has a union board filled with members with ties to Hamas.

But if you ask the State Department, the money will be used to “go toward the Yarmouk Emergency Call for Funds to provide urgent aid, reinforcing our support for not only those trapped in Yarmouk, but all Palestinian refugees and Syrian civilians for whom UNRWA provides a life-line (sic),” according to a press release.

Another disturbing issue is that teachers who work at UNRWA schools have been known to preach radical Islamic agendas to their young students — indoctrinating them with a jihadist, anti-Israel mindset early in life.

Videos have clearly shown that UNRWA schools do much more than teach children to hate the Jewish people — they’ve also served as stockpiling centers for Hamas operatives to store missiles to be launched at Israel during the 2014 summer fighting between Israel and Hamas.

The schools have also served as a base of operations for Hamas militants to stage offensive attacks against Israel — knowing that the Israeli military would never target a school building intentionally.

The press release goes on to tell a sob story of an alleged humanitarian crisis for which the extra $6 million is needed — even blaming the militants of the Islamic State group for the situation.

But the $6 million is only a drop in the bucket — Obama’s State Department has funded the highly questionable group with ties to enemies of the United States to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year (H/T Breitbart).

This funds transfer is yet another example of Obama funding terrorist organizations abroad, and he’s getting quite good at it. Making a case for treason against the president is daily becoming less of a stretch.

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