Trey Gowdy BRUTALLY SILENCES Pro-Illegal Congressman, Humiliates Him On LIVE TV

Liberals don’t care about illegal immigration because it benefits them. According to Rasmussen, most Democrats think that illegal immigrants should be able to vote. Why? Because most illegals are Hispanic, and the overwhelming majority of Hispanics vote Democrat.

Sure, illegals put pressure on public resources and the social safety net, but for Democrats, more people on the dole means more people trapped in a cycle of poverty, who have no choice to keep voting Democrat. Very few actually break the cycle, drawn in by the allure of “free” money from the government.

A clip from 2015 surfaced about illegal immigration, and it’s going viral. Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson tried to claim that a border patrol enforcement agent was anti-immigration because he’s against illegal immigration. He then proceeded to ask pointless questions, and talk over the agent.

Then Trey Gowdy intervened.

Via US Herald

Congressman Hank Johnson an ultra progressive (and arrogant) Democrat was questioning a border patrol enforcement agent, peppering him with either “yes” or “no” questions and abrasively cutting the law enforcement agent off, before the agent could elaborate further on whatever questioned asked.

This rude and apparently abusive line of questioning continued as congressman Johnson continued disrespecting the agent, implying that he was a Republican and therefore was against comprehensive immigration reform, in which the agent responded that his role was to enforce “existing immigration law.”

The tense exchange ended when Congressman Johnson attempted to once again cut the agent off, which immediately drew Chairman Gowdy into the debate, instructing the witness to continue his answer which sent Congressman Johnson into a tizzy, and that the Chairman didn’t have the authority to intervene, Gowdy assured Johnson he does, especially when a witness is denied an opportunity to speak freely.

Isn’t it cute that a Democrat whose accomplished nothing thinks that he can tell a border patrol agent how to do his job? He knows absolutely nothing about what they need to do their job, and if he had his way, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs at all.

For as much as they claim that Republicans are anti-immigrant, Democrats don’t see immigrants as people, they see them as future Democrat voters.

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