Trey Gowdy Revealed His EPIC Plan To Jail Killary Now That Election’s Over, She’s Done

Without hassle, Trey Gowdy easily became reelected to Congress, even despite the undying efforts of Democrats to throw him out. Of course, his endurance was tougher than them on their best day, and he is still running things with some unfinished business to attend to regarding Hillary Clinton.

Now that Donald Trump has become President-elect, that unfinished business most likely has just became a whole lot easier to get taken care of. Can you imagine if Hillary became President, and he tried to press forward?

It’s uncomfortable to even think about…

Here’s a look into what he’s dealing with, and where he is at in regards to dealing with the corruption of Hillary and bringing those that suffered under her actions some well deserved justice!

“There is sufficient evidence, both direct and circumstantial, upon which a jury could conclude an intent to violate the law.”

“This evidence includes concealment of evidence, destruction of evidence and false exculpatory statements – all of which fall under the general heading of consciousness of guilt.”

“It would appear the investigation is back to the status quo ante, which means Director Comey believes Secretary Clinton was indeed extremely careless in her handling of classified material.”

“Yet there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to prove Secretary Clinton had specific intent to violate a statute which specifically provides for the lower statute which specifically provides for the lower standard of gross negligence.”

These are no small claims. They are testimony from Gowdy that he knows something is not right with Hillary, that all things can’t be blamed on her just forgetting, or completely unaware of her own actions or the actions of those she is in charge over.

I am excited to see how Trump opens up his Presidency come January 20th 2017!

Yes! The inauguration is scheduled for noon on Jan. 20, 2017 at the U.S. Capitol.

On that day, as Trump becomes President….Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and family will leave the White House, his residence for the past eight years. A residence that will now go to Donald Trump to lead this nation back into greatness.

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt that I get to be a part of all the work that needs to get done in order to make that statement come true, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

It’s not Trump who will make America great again, it’s his leadership that will remind Americans that it is up to US to make her GREAT! He will lead the way.

Along with other great people who sincerely love America and her constitution…like Trey Gowdy.

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