(Conservative Tribune) If attending a Congressional hearing to face questioning by Rep. Trey Gowdy – you had better have your ducks  in a row, because there will not be a chance to hit the proverbial easy button. When Gowdy tosses out a series of questions, answers will be given, and that’s why America loves to watch him grill top members of government leadership.

Recently, Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Nicole Lurie was called as a witness before a Congressional hearing on the Obama-led response to the developing Ebola crisis. After complimenting her impressive background in medicine and allowing her to clarify answers to previous questions, Gowdy decided it was time to get to the meat of the situation involving newly hired Ebola czar Ron Klain. (H/T RedAlertPolitics)

“So here we have a doctor, with an incredible background in medicine, who also happens to have planned for crises like Ebola, whose job description also includes communication strategy.”  Gowdy then asked Lurie the question of the year regarding Klain’s recent appointment, “So why in the hell did the president pick a lawyer to be the Ebola czar and not you?”

Lurie went on to describe the reason she wasn’t appointed by saying that the Ebola czar position was a “whole-of-government” role, which was clearly not a satisfactory answer for Gowdy, who immediately stated “that if this were an outbreak of people without wills in West Africa, or an outbreak of contested elections in West Africa, then I’d say yeah, go hire Mr. Klain! But it’s not, it’s a medical crisis, so why not you?”

Lurie’s response? “Right now, I have a full-time job in the Department of Health and Human Services.”

Gowdy kept on with the delivery of razor sharp rebuttals to Lurie’s weak defense of the administration, telling Lurie “to watch, when the next time a Supreme Court seat opens up, I want you to see whether or not the President appoints a doctor or a dentist to the position.”

After several more equally hilarious questions, Lurie continued to defend both Obama’s decision and Klain himself. It was not convincing.

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