Trey Gowdy Gives EPIC Speech On Syrian Refugees Threatening Americans! (VIDEO)


Trey Gowdy really gets it on the refugee resettlement crisis in this country. And he’s not buying Obama’s lame excuse of protecting widows and orphans. He’s more concerned with the American widows and orphans that will result because of terrorists being imported among these refugees. With no real vetting going on, it is a certainty. Obama is deliberately and willfully bringing in Jihadists to this country and seeding them all over the nation… especially in conservative strongholds.

It is not Islamophobic to point out bringing in an Islamic invasion force per the Hijrah Migration is deadly to the US. The Refugee Act of 1980 requires a hearing in both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on the Presidential ‘determination’ on the number of refugees the President is proposing for the upcoming fiscal year — in advance of the fiscal year. That hearing is due in one week and is extremely unlikely to take place. Obama is making an absolute joke of our laws and Constitution.

He started out saying there would be 10,000 refugees. At the time I said it would be 250,000. Now he says it will be 110,000 and last week his minions claimed it would go to 217,000. I hate it when I’m right.

From TellMeNow:

Trey Gowdy is a champion for everyday Americans. While speaking about the Syrian refugee crisis, Gowdy offered a prosecutorial assessment of President Obama’s mishandling of the situation.

Gowdy pointed out that the president shuts down any debate about this topic by slandering those concerned about national security. He likes to paint us as Islamophobic, but it is the president’s own staff that has raised red flags on this topic.

This isn’t just about saving widows and orphans as Obama states. There are terrorists hiding among those widows and orphans. Gowdy summed up my position perfectly when he said, “What I’m really afraid of is a foreign policy that creates more widows and orphans.”

Senator Jeff Sessions scheduled a hearing that the Obama State Department refused to attend over the refugee crisis. Gowdy is ringing some alarm bells here, but he has so far not scheduled any meetings to tackle the issue. Just a meeting to discuss how New Orleans became a Sanctuary City. 20,000 to 30,000 Syrian refugees are slated to arrive in the US next weekend… I think that matter is a bit more pressing at the moment.

So, by all means… shred Obama on the refugee nightmare. But Gowdy should carry through and address the issue for real in the House. The only real thing on the calendar before these guys leave for the holidays is the budget continuation. Gowdy is exactly right that the refugees from Syria (and other Islamic countries) pose a horrific national security threat. But for God’s sake, let’s go after it for real before we truly do become an Islamic nation.

This is why so many are turning to Donald Trump and voting for him. The more of this that goes down, the more likely Trump is to be the next Commander-in-Chief.

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