Triple Amputee Air Force Veteran SLAPS THE SH*T Out of Colin Kaepernick

If you want the right to disrespect your own country, you better live in America.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is under fire for refusing to stand during the national anthem, justifying his disrespect by describing America as a nation that “oppresses black people.” Of course, if we lived in a nation that oppressed black people, do you think he’d have the freedom to make such a statement?

Imagine if ISIS had their own sports teams, and one of their players refused to honor the Islamic State before a game. He might have the freedom to do so…. but not the freedom to keep his head on his body shortly after.

Kaepernick is so oppressed that he earns $19 million a year, and was adopted and raised by two white parents. It’s not just America that Kaepernick has to thank for his freedom, it’s those protecting it. And guess what? They’re not exactly thrilled that he’s abusing the freedom they fought for.

Lt. Col. Allen West penned a viral open letter to Kaepernick, as a “non-oppressed black man,” and he’s not the only veteran slamming Kaepernick.

Senior Airman and triple-amputee Brian Kolfage is slamming Kaepernick in a post that’s bound to go viral too.

Airman Kolfage lost both legs & an arm in Iraq in 2004. An insurgent mortar landed three feet from him as he walked out of his living quarters. Miraculously, Kolfage survived and became a motivational speaker back in the states. He has served on congressional committees for veteran’s issues, and sits on the boards of many veteran’s charities.

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Kolfage is none-to-happy with Kaepernick’s anti-veteran, anti-American antics. In his letter which he posted to his Facebook account, Kolfage tears into Kaepernick writing that he took an oath to defend the country, and he lost almost everything doing so. Kolfage will stand when he hears the national anthem to honor those who have fought to defend our country & freedom, even if it is on prosthetic legs.

Kolfage told Kaepernick if he thinks he is so oppressed here in the United States, that he should visit the Middle East where women who are raped are beaten for it, and 6-year-old girls are forced to marry 60-year-old men.

Kolfage concludes by telling Kaepernick that he knows nothing of what REAL oppression is, and he is right. Kolfage fought against oppression in Iraq and lost both of his legs and an arm because of it. Kaepernick whines like a little b-tch who makes $19 million a year and who has never fought for anything except for himself. Kaepernick hasn’t even given money to Black Lives Matter who he claims to champion. What a fraud pos.

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If Kaepernick truly feels oppressed, he’s free to leave. What country would he be freer in? Where is a country where blacks are better off than in America? The average black income in America is $18,406 – while it’s $2,320 in Africa. In other words, in “oppressive” America, blacks are nearly nine times wealthier than in a nearly all-black continent.

That’s not what we’d expect if blacks were oppressed in this country. We also wouldn’t expect, contrary to Kaepernick’s perception, more whites being killed by police than blacks (which is a reality). Liberals have believed for far too long that reality is optional. Newsflash: it isn’t.

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Jeff Rainforth also contributed to this article.

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