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Michael Schuette, we spoke on the Warrior Talk Radio this evening and I must say I commend you for not tucking your tail and hiding from your comments, however, that’s the only positive thing I have to say to you.

First off, your so called ‘common sense’ approach to things is jaded. You live in box, and you’ve probably never tried stepping out of that box, ever. Your views are very one way, when in the ‘real world’, geopolitics are extremely complex and have thousands of variables involved that allow us to make highly informed and calculated decisions.

How do we know you live in a box? Well you jokingly told us that if we were worried about ISIS that we should move to Oklahoma because they aren’t cutting heads off there, and you were dead serious. When we informed you of a recent beheading you said “that’s news to me”.  Clearly Michael, you live in a box there’s no debating it.

I’ll be very blunt, you do not understand how our military operates, and you do not understand our government. You only know bits and pieces of history to which you then perverse into your twisted views on reality. You don’t seem to care for the facts and you allow the glass half-empty approach to fuel your negativity for the United States and our veterans

Every single thing you said in our interview you ended up contradicting yourself. For instance, we were talking about WMD atrocities around the world and a caller corrected you and stated that chemical weapons were used in WWII. You then fired back that “gas was not a WMD”, when the caller then asked you “how many deaths did it take for a chemical weapon to be called a WMD?”  You replied with something like this, “well I don’t know, I’m not a military expert”. EXACTLY, you’re not, so why did you say gas was not a WMD!

This is just one point! You were making many statements on things that you know nothing about. You continued to make these statements and tell people incorrect information, when factually speaking you didn’t even know the answer yourself. Obviously your mouth was cashing checks that your brain can’t cash.

Now back to our veterans. I asked you to name 5 things that you loved about America, and you really only rambled off one answer! You love your freedom you said, and you  also made it clear that you don’t want the U.S. to have a standing army. This is simple Michael, you cant have your cake and it too. If you want freedom, then you must have a military ready to defend it. Now I realize you and many people feel that today’s military isn’t defending your freedom, but this boils down to understanding how our military operates in conjunction with geopolitics. I’ll break it down to elementary terms for you.

Imagine a bank that has no security,  leaves the vault wide-open and you could just waltz right in and take any amount of money. What do you think will happen Michael? Someone will come in and take everything! This is what will happen to the U.S. if we don’t have a standing military force.

You complained yet again about our global bases and how no other countries have bases here in America. You really hate America huh? Ok Michael, again your lack of knowledge has once again perverted your ideological views. In the military we like to be pro-active. Having bases strategically placed is something called a show of force. This alone is a deterrence and makes countries think twice about doing wrong.  A show of force saves lives, just having men present and ready to deploy at a moments notice can be enough to stop a war

Brian Kolfage with his daughter on Veterans day at the NYC Veterans Day Parade

One thing really pissed me off , when I was describing what freedom was to a caller, I gave an example of an insurgent busting into someones house, raping the women and killing anyone they want. You then you spoke over me and said ‘just like American soldiers do’. Are you out of your mind? And you think you are actually sorry for your first Facebook statement? You just called all the U.S. military rapist and murderers. You realize this is all on tape right?

You proved that in fact you’re full of crap, and you’re a bigot who loves the freedoms that our military gave you, and while you’re soaking up freedom you’re pissing on every veteran and their family. We gave you the right to say these things, and just because you have a right to do something, it doesn’t mean there wont be a backlash. You’re 1st Amendment rights are not being violated, we’re just exercising ours in conjunction with yours.

Furthermore, you stated that it’s only veterans attacking you for your comments and that the Islamic State isn’t bothering you.  I’ll say it again Michael, your views about veterans are in-line with ISIS views on American veterans, they are praising you, think about that for a moment.

Do you want to know how and why everyone knows you’re full of crap? You said I was a hero because I lost my legs. Well that’s bullshit, losing my legs affected nothing with my military mission. You don’t agree with the mission and the government so how does being wounded change anything? I supported the mission fully,  went to Iraq, served my country because I love the people standing with me and I believe in our constitution and our American way of life.

You said the average vet who enlists is not a hero, well that was me, I’m the average vet. I joined the Air Force, I deployed, so how in does this miracle transformation take place in your mind that being wounded makes you go from not a hero to a hero? I was supporting the same mission that you called illegal, right? I’d love for you to explain that one without contradicting your ideology.

And lastly you asked me how much the government said my limbs were worth in the beginning of our segment. I’ll tell you what, they said its worth a square deal when I enlisted and they have been honoring that deal.  Michael, you will never understand this because you live in a box inside of another box. Having limbs or not affects nothing, they aren’t required to be happy and function. Losing three limbs doesn’t make me ‘dis’abled, if anything I’m more ‘abled’ then you with out three of your limbs, and I can back that up.

Your anger and frustration is being vented at the wrong people, and your misinformed views are fueling your rage.

I have a proposition for you, I’ll raise funds and take you to Walter Reed and give you a personal tour of our severely wounded veterans. This isn’t the VA,this is the real deal. Maybe you can explain to them your comments and tell them they haven’t fought for you. Just know if anything ever happens on U.S. soil it will be these men and women who save your ass. They don’t get to choose the battle they fight, but they damn sure know that they will die to protect you if it ever came to that point.

And this is why they are heroes!

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