VIDEO: Watch The Troops ERUPT As Their NEW Commander In Chief Enters The Stadium!

The much anticipated Army versus Navy game has come and gone and the Army won after a historic fifteen year defeat. They took home the win.

It was the 117th game between the rivals, and it took place in Baltimore, Maryland near the national Army and Navy colleges.

As the President Elect entered the stadium everyone erupted. The cadets, midshipmen, everyone. He was waving to everyone right before they began cheering. The President Elect appeared at the game with senior advisor to his administration Steve Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus. He also attended with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani who recently took his name out of the running for Secretary of State.

He joins the nine previous presidents who appeared at the annual games which is a long standing tradition to uphold of tradition and responsibility. While Donald Trump was talking to some of the commentators he noted that everyone in the audience was screaming “Make America Great Again” which he said was amazing. He noted their tremendous spirit for their country.

Many people have noted his attendance at the game contrary to President Obama’s attendance at the game which many perceive as a lack of patriotism. They are finally happy to have a president who loves their country and is willing to support all those who take arms to preserve our freedoms. Here are some of the reactions that people had on social media to Trump’s arrival and attendance at the game.

The Army won last nights game after fifteen years of defeat. It was a historic defeat for the Navy and a historic win for the Army. As one of the head coaches stated, it was not only a win for all of the players and the college but also for every soldier active and non active. For every soldier in every foxhole across the country deployed or otherwise.

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