Pissed Off Trucker Shuts ‘Snowflakes’ The Hell Up With What He Just Did To Their ‘Precious’ Immigrants

In spite of all the backlash the President has been receiving lately he certainly has a lot of supporters. One gentleman, Michael Stout, took his support of the President to YouTube by posting a video of a monolog he gave about those protesting the President’s executive order on banning immigration on seven countries for a few months.

While wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat he ripped into liberal snowflakes. Look what he said here,

Our President is doing the best he can to keep us safe. All you snowflakes out there don’t like that. Ok. Got it. You snowflakes don’t like it. One thing, if one of them idiots come into this country and cause a 9/11 or cause a terrorist attack. One of them. One. All it takes is one. And Americans are killed, it’s your fault. It’s not my fault. I voted for Trump. It’s not my fault. It’s not Trump’s fault.

Cause Trump is doing everything he can to keep us all safe. If American folks die and get killed by one of these idiots we are letting in the country. The thousands of people out there protesting, the blood is on your hands. Every one of you. I hope you can sleep at night.”


It is always refreshing when someone tells it exactly like it is. Stout is no exception. People will be killed by repealing this travel ban. Because terrorists will be allowed to infiltrate refugee groups without any way of background checking. While Trump was busy trying to remedy this problem the liberals and progressives are putting everyone in danger by protesting to get it repealed.

All in the name of justice. But the true travesty of justice will be when American lives are lost because people had no clue what they were doing.

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