BREAKING: Look Who Just Announced Their Plans To Run Against Trump In 2020! It’s Not Hillary!

Well well well…our new president has just begun his time in the White House and there is already plenty of talk about the presidential election for the year 2020. The democrats have already started prepping their next move because for some reason they don’t like the thought of President Trump going the additional 4 years…

What they don’t get is that they are delivering Trump 8 years of presidential service to America on a freaking plate!

So, as it stands, if they can’t sabotage Trump enough to in a way overthrow him out of the White House using their crooked tactics, lies, deceit, and powers from Satan (which they won’t because…good always wins) then they want to get started on Plan B which to them is winning the next election.

So with that said, guess who is ready, willing, and HUNGRY for the opportunity at running as a Democratic candidate? Well, it’s not Hillary, so we can all take a deep breathe and relax.

Sort of..

Although it’s not Hillary, it is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Yes, this guy has hired already two Florida fundraisers, and there are speculations brewing that he’s creating the foundation work for a 2020 presidential bid. Although the has repeatedly insisted he is solely focused on his upcoming re-election campaign for his third term coming up in 2018, and as no thought whatsoever for running for the presidency…many beg to differ.

I guess we aren’t that lucky folks.

Even Democratic operatives are saying that Cuomo’s efforts to hire out-of-state fundraisers is a sign that he is, in fact, working towards being able to throw in his presidential bid when the time comes.

“Hiring out-of-state fundraising staff, particularly in a battleground state, opens up money spigots beyond what would normally be available and is a key first step to laying the groundwork for a run,” an unnamed Democratic operative told the Post…”

“He is positioning himself to be seen as a liberal who can speak to a national audience,” added Karen Hinton, a former aide for Cuomo.”

Cuomo likes to portray himself and has even branded himself as a politician that has the ability to get things done, in hopes to differentiate himself from other Democratic legislators, namely, Elisabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

It also appears his supporters (all 1 of them) is speaking out in his favor.

“Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., has already signaled her support for Cuomo if he were to launch a presidential bid. “He’s done great things in our state. I love the fact that he’s focused on paid leave and marriage equality, so he’s a terrific governor,” she said during a recent interview on NY1.”

“Gillibrand added that the New York governor would be a “great candidate” for 2020.”

….sure. Whatever lady.

Now, things aren’t all peachy either, the progressive wing of the Democratic party is far from being sold on the idea of him running, they consider him a centrist, and the fact that he has a personal relationship with Bill Clinton? Well, that’s just asking for bad things to happen.

What will Bill do when he has to choose between Cuomo and Hillary if she can’t stay out of the limelight and needs to run and lose again?

Easy…he will so go with Cuomo. He hates Hillary.

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