Trump About To Address The Nation After What Happened In This Pic Upon His Family’s Return To D.C.

The White House renovations have finally come to an end after an overhaul of the West Wing that took far more work than the president was expecting, based on what contractors uncovered on the job. The first family is happy to return home, but now Donald Trump is going to be addressing the nation just hours after this picture of him and his family was taken on the tarmac after their landing.

With the first family’s return, it’s also brought back the relentless attacks from the left. The hateful mainstream media has seemingly been on hiatus from attacking this family for the past 17 days they’ve been enjoying a much-needed reprieve from the public eye. In the meantime, liberals have used their energy to riot and dismantle American history by ripping monuments down around the country.

Now, Donald Trump has no choice but to address the nation just hours after this picture of him and his family was taken on the tarmac upon their arrival in Washington, D.C.

The photo of the first family returning home after more than two weeks was a welcome sight to all who have missed Melania and love to see these two with their sweet son. However, no sooner did she step off Air Force One did liberals notice something they thought was strange and jumped on it in attack.

“The family was also photographed landing back in Washington, D.C., following Trump’s two-week vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey. The president appeared to be in good spirits, offering fist bumps in the air as he arrived back at the White House with his wife and youngest son,” Opposing Views reported.

“The first family was seen walking across the tarmac prior to boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport on Aug. 20, The Inquisitr reported. Melania was seen donning a white and yellow sundress, while Barron was seen wearing a red that read, “On your mark, tiger shark!” Melania was also seen wearing sunglasses at night,” the article explained.

It was this final fashion detail noted about our stunning first lady that was apparently a big problem among those who love to hate her.

The article noted that this isn’t the first time Melania has been seen wearing sunglasses “at night,” adding that it’s become a habit and one they’re questioning as to why it’s a routine. First, it wasn’t exactly the “dark of night,” as the article described. The sun was actually setting so it’s not unusual to wear them.

However, even if it was after sundown and she was wearing glasses, who can really blame her given the fact that every single place she goes, she’s photographed and ridiculed in one way or another. Sunglasses provide a very small slice of privacy that she’s deserved if she chooses to wear them on occasion.

Just 24 hours after the Trumps landed and the slander of this family started back up, the president will take the podium to address the nation.

Trump has been working during his time away from the White House while the residential portion was undergoing post-Barack Obama renovations. The work at the West Wing included an almost complete overhaul of the place to make it inhabitable for the family since the Obamas left it with a cockroach problem among other areas of unacceptable disrepair.

However, tonight’s attention from the president will be focused on much more important matters than the left’s obsession with Melania’s sunglasses. According to Fox News Insider, the president will be addressing the war in Afghanistan. That is if he can get liberals’ attention off of how he watched the eclipse for a split second without his protective eyewear on, for long enough for them focus on things that actually mean something.

The first family hasn’t even been back in D.C. for a full 24 hours and the left is already back at attacking them for literally every innocuous thing – ironically, both having to do with what they did or didn’t have on their eyes.

It’s time for the country to collectively open their own eyes to the real issues that are happening in this country. The left is so focused on the nonsense that they make monumental issues out of, that they are completely blind to the destruction going on around us caused by people in their own party. Thankfully, Trump’s attention is on fixing it and has something important to say about it tonight.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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