When Trump Stepped Off The Plane And Spoke He PROVED To Americans Why He’s The People’s President

People love to talk a lot of smack about the President. However, people always choose to show the negative and not the positive. Because if they just dug a bit deeper they would see what an amazing President we really have.

It is very clear he loves his country a lot. He never stops talking about it and he takes every opportunity he can to boast, brag, and shine a spotlight on our brothers and and sisters in uniform. Today in Orlando, Florida he did something that will have everyone in tears.

The President recognized a member of the crowd as somebody who had been interviewed by the media before. His name was Gene Huber. Turns out the man had arrived at 4 in the morning to stand in line and make sure he could attend the President’s function.

The President invited him up on stage! Huber was so surprised he appeared to be overwhelmed with emotion. He looked to be on the edge of tears and the President even gave him a big hug.

Huber had said the following,

We the people, our movement, is the reason why our president of the United States is standing here today. When President Trump, during the election promised all these things he was going to do for us… I KNEW he was going to do these things for us!!”

This is the reason the majority of Americans voted for our President. Because out of the thousands of people he saw on the campaign trail and throughout his time as President he still remembers the face of a man he randomly saw on television.

He is a President of the people. The people love him for it and are ecstatic they finally have a President who cares about the little things like they do.

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