Liberals Are PISSED After Trump Just BRILLIANTLY Snubbed Angela Merkel In Front of The ENTIRE World!

After President Trump took the oath of office he began taking meetings with heads of state across the world. Just a few weeks ago he met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as many others. This past week he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. When he met with both of them the media would not stop talking about it.

Likely because Trudeau and Merkel are known to have had close relationships with President Obama because of their liberally progressive political ideologies. However, this is clearly something they do not share with President Trump, especially seeing that they are all for allowing unvetted Muslim refugees in their countries while Trump is not an idiot and wants the exact opposite for America. Thus, watching their first interactions was something everyone wanted to see.

In a recent press conference in the Oval Office, the German Chancellor and the President had one of their first meetings together and it got awkward. The two sat next to each other while answering questions from the media. When asked how the talks went the President said they went well, very well in fact.

He would not give specifics about what they discussed after a reporter asked if they talked about NATO. An organization he has famously derided for having the United States pay more than other member nations. The Chancellor then asked the President if he wanted to shake hands with everyone… but he looked to the floor and pretended like he heard nothing.

At first, it did appear rude. However, Merkel and other progressive heads of state have said very rude things about him in the past. They have also not been very supportive of his agenda and policies thus far. It is smart for the President to be hesitant to trust them so easily. Especially given their close relationships with the former administration.

It is good business to show them there is a new sheriff in town. This time they won’t forget it.

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