Trump Just Dropped Ominous Announcement About What’s About To Begin — Liberals Are Terrified

Liberals worst nightmare is about to be realized, and the tears are going to be delicious.

Trump has been signing off on a number of executive orders this week, ranging from everywhere from ObamaCare to the Keystone XL pipeline, to a withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and a freeze on Federal hiring.

Next on the list is one for a signature issue Trump campaigned on: the border wall. And it’s getting built whether Mexico pays for it or not.

As the Gateway Pundit reported:

President Trump sent out a tweet on Tuesday night announcing that: “Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!”


Now we know it’s getting built – and that’s not the only action on immigration he ended up taking today. According to Fox News, President Trump signed executive orders today authorizing the construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall – AND he targeted sanctuary cities (those that don’t report illegal immigrants to Federal law enforcement). If they keep their sanctuary status, they’ll do so at the expense of billions of dollars in federal funding they collectively receive.

When it comes to the cost of the wall, Trump told MSNBC in February of last year he could build it for $8 billion. More recent congressional estimates put the figure at $10 billion, with some construction experts saying it could cost upwards of $20 billion.

As amusing as it is to hear liberals objecting to the wall based on its cost (where were they during the past eight years of spending????), any cost from $8 billion to $20 billion is minuscule relative to the cost of illegal immigration to the U.S. economy — $113 billion a year — which would only continue to increase in absence of action.

Will Mexico end up paying for it after all? They say they won’t, but they’ll soon discover that the consequences will be much worse for them than had they just forked up the money in the first place.

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