BREAKING: Trump Announces Official Lineup of Inauguration Performers. Hold onto Your Seats!

Donald Trump has had trouble booking entertainment talent for the inauguration. Many A list Hollywood celebrities have publicly turned down invitations. People such as Celine Dion, John Legend, and Garth Brooks. But he has found smaller less known alternatives that are equally if not better in talent. However, the President-elect fired back at those people showing them he does not care what they thing. But what he really cares about is THIS…


Among others the Talledega Marching Tornadoes have decided to perform after much pressure from race-baiters at their historically black Talledega Colelge. America’s Got Talent finalist Jackie Evancho will be performing and has even seen a large increase in her album sales since she agreed to sing at the inauguration.

Another performer will be the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. As well, the US Border Patrol Pipes & Drums and the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes & Drums. And the Radio City Rockettes who will be volunteering after some of them boycotted the appearance.

Newsmax has reported that Boris Epshteyn who is the director of communications for the inaugural committee has said that the inaugural parade will include 8,000 people with 40 different types of organizations being represented. Which he said will represent the best of America.

The Trump administration has shown that they do not have to pander to Hollywood elites to win an election or garner favor with others. They can win of their own esteem, hard work, and fortitude without help from others, least of all celebrities and the media.

Those included will be members of the military and the New York City Police Department. As well as several veterans services organizations. It has become abundantly clear that this administration will focus on the American people and not A list Hollywood elites during their administration. After all, it is those American people who got Donald Trump elected.

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