Trump Gets An Unexpected Surprise When He Shows Up To Watch The Army Vs Navy Football Game

Everyone is talking about the Army versus Navy game. Especially the fact that the Army won after fifteen years of losses. It is a historic week for them.

What people are also talking about is how is President Elect Trump went to the game yet President Obama has never once gone. Yet another show of his love for the armed forces. People love how he is upholding American traditions and values.

President Elect Trump attended the game with the former Mayor of New York City and good family friend Rudy Giuliani. As well as Steve Bannon, a top advisor, and chief of staff Reince Priebus. Less than forty days away and President Trump will be inaugurated.

While half the country is elated the other half is not. President Elect Trump took a few interviews while attending the historic. game. Watch here,

While he was speaking with some of the commentators he noted that hoards of people in the stands were screaming “Make America Great Again” which he claimed was absolutely amazing. Noting the spirit that everyone in the audience had.
One of the things that many Americans love in Donald Trump is his support and love for the armed forces. He made it a point on his campaign to say that he would make sure the overhaul the Veteran Affairs administration so as to ensure that nobody would die waiting in line for the health care they are owed and is there right. This is yet another example of how the President Elect is leading by example and showing the armed forces the respect he has for them.
Something that President Obama has never done. People want patriotism, they want a leader who loves their country and somebody who will do everything in their power to support those who sacrifice their lives and their families to protect our freedoms.


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