BREAKING! Man Attacks Female Trump Supporter at Florida Polling Station

A woman handing out campaign literature supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was attacked and thrown to the ground by a man outside a Jupiter, Florida polling station according to a report by Palm Beach Post reporter Lawrence Mower. The woman used pepper spray to defend herself after the man started screaming in her face. The man then grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the ground.

Mower posted a series of reports to Twitter about the incident.

“I’m at the Jupiter Community Center, where police say a man and a woman got into a fight and the woman pepper-sprayed him.”

“Witnesses say the man was yelling at a woman handing out Trump literature. After he voted, he came out, kept yelling at her…”

“… she pepper-sprayed him, he grabbed her by the neck and threw her down.”

“Witnesses say the fight happened right in front of the Trump/Mast signs, which are a legal distance away from the polling place.”

“One witness, a lawyer, said the man was “up in her face like he was picking a fight.””

WPBF-TV reporter Jimmie Johnson, Jr. also reported on the attack.

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