Trump Just Bamboozled Democrats MASSIVELY When No One Was Looking, Now LOOK How Humiliated They Are!

The left truly never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity and hate. They continually outdo themselves with their hateful responses about Donald Trump. It almost to the point of hysterics, bu they won’t give up, will they even after last night’s home run of a speech, the left used the time to thoroughly humiliate themselves. Instead, of them putting their childish antics aside they showed the world how petty they really were.

I have now reached the point with the left that I just have to laugh. Seriously, if I let myself get all angst every time they spoke I would be in a hospital room on medication. So, now I fight the good fight for America while I point and laugh at them on a daily basis.

For instance, last night, Trump delivered a speech that was so beyond awesome that we need a new word for awesome. During the speech, Trump outlined his plans for the country that had people on their feet cheering. I mean I felt like Chris Matthews in 2008 when he said he felt a “thrill up his leg when Obama was speaking.

At any rate, the democrats refused to applaud the president’s plans and sat in their seats like petulant children. Well, if they thought their actions would win them points they were wrong. Twitter was on fire after the Trump’s speech and social media users ripped these out of touch liberals a new one.

Here are some of the best tweets I was able to compile.

Oh, you know this one has them all crying in their non-gender-specific pillows.

I really cannot wrap my brain around how the left is so against Trump. By all means, I was never an Obama supporter, but I really wanted him to do right by America. The left desires us to fail in order for them to usher in the New World Order, but they didn’t count on Trump or us.

I may not know everything but I can tell you one thing. If they continue with these childish antics they just bought 8 more years. Am I right or am I right?

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