BOOM! Trump Just Did More For Black Community In 2 Second Swipe Of His Pen Than Obama Did In 8 Years!

For the past few months, Trump protesters have been throwing a constant temper tantrum that has mystified us all. We have witnessed cities across the country erupting into protests against President Trump by these dirty liberal hipsters. Every day these special snowflakes look for another absurd reason to cause chaos and to call Trump a racist. However, these basement-dwellers may need to look for a new put down after they learn what Trump just did for African-Americans.

Liberals love calling people names that they do not agree with instead of sticking to the facts. Well, I wonder how they will spin what Trump just did for African-Americans in his latest executive order. You see, Donald Trump is trying to ease the regulatory burden on historically black colleges and funnel more money to them.
According to Daily Mail:

The executive order will cement support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as a priority of the Republican president who’s statements about his predecessor’s birthplace have been widely interpreted as racist.

‘I think at its core these charges of being racist, I think they really bother him,’ a person familiar with the administration’s outreach told ‘I think there’s a sincerity to engage.’

Of course, being called a racist bothers him, and Trump sincerely wants to engage. These liberal bridge trolls cannot seem to differentiate the difference between upholding the law and being a racist. Trump actually is trying to help the American people in this country, but that logic is lost on these social justice warriors.

In a matter of just a few weeks, Trump has accomplished more for the black community than Obama ever did. Trump does not look at minorities as a way to keep his power, but rather give them their power back.

I am excited to see what else Trump will accomplish in the coming years for the American people. All Obama was concerned about was his legacy and creating more division among the people. By Trump signing this executive order it shows the black community that Trump is on their side despite what the liberal media “reports”.

It is about time we have a leader in the White House who desires to put the American people first over his own agenda.

What do you think?

H/T [ Daily Mail ]

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