Trump Just Proved He’s Boss With What He Did To Black Lives Matter To Piss Obama Off – Now Look What’s Happening!

Well well well…how the tables are turning.

During the last 8 years of hell under Obama’s horrific reign, it was one of his missions or at least appeared to be one of his missions to ensure that his Department of Justice NEVER actually did their job …. which in this came meant cracking down on the radical ‘terror’ group, Black Lives Matter, of course we call them a ‘terror group’ they call it a movement…

Despite several incidents of violent protesting, rioting, and looting that have been perpetrated by this group, and blocking highways, airports, and stopping the flow of traffic in major cities, under Obama there were NO consequences for such savage behavior.

Well, now there is a new president in town, and it just so happens to be one that is making it very clear…he has NO intention of allowing Black Lives Matter to carry on with their inhuman NONSENSE!

Good hard working people shouldn’t be terrorized because entitled babies want to throw a violent fit over the circumstances they create for themselves.

It was reported by the Washington Post that Attorney General Jeff Sessions just made a HUGE announcement. He has now instructed the Department of Justice to reform agreements with police forces across the country. The agreements he is asking to be reformed are ones that were put into effect during the Obama administration, that were geared towards fighting what ‘they’ saw as an epidemic of police brutality against black citizens.

Sessions, however, is making it so that these agreements are reviewed to ENSURE that they don’t undermine the Trump administration’s goals set in place to PROMOTE police officer safety and morale while fighting to protect and serve against violent crimes.

Sessions revealed this in a memo that was released just this week. The agreements made between the department’s civil rights division and local police departments are going to be sent to the desk of two TOP deputies for review.

God bless the government that protects its’ heroes.
It’s about time.

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