Trump Just Woke Up To A DISGUSTING Blindside That Could Change Everything – He Needs Your Prayers

There’s been no end to the griping and complaining that President Trump has received since his election to the office of President. Liberals have literally criticized him for nominating people that he has some sort of rapport with to his cabinet because it must mean that they’re all dirty and crooked. At this point, it seems like the liberal media is just depending on the ignorance of the American people so that they can make normal procedure sound like some sort of twisted perversion of how things are supposed to go.

The reality is that things are going as well, if not better than they have in recent history. You may not agree with what the president is doing, but there’s no way to say that what he’s doing is outside his rights as President of the United States. It’s understandable that some private citizens might get this mixed up, but when congressmen and senators do it, it’s hard to see that as anything other than a pointed and illegal attack against their Commander in Chief.

President Trump’s most recent liberally inexcuseable indiscretion was in firing the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. Remember, this is the guy that just a few short months ago was on every liberal hit list because they blamed him for Hillary losing the election. Now though, the liberals are saying that the President only fired him because of the investigation into Russian ties and election tampering. Even Comey himself said that the President was fully within his rights to fire him, but nothing will appease these liberal trolls until they get their pound of flesh.

Via Bipartisan Report:

“Senator Dick Durbin (Illinois) released a statement calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor to head the investigation into the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The statement began with a critique of the President’s behavior in the days since the firing of FBI Director James Comey was announced.

‘In an interview with NBC News, President Trump admitted to firing FBI Director James Comey because of his investigation of the Trump campaign’s Russian connections—that is dangerously close to obstruction of justice. This morning, the President tweeted a thinly veiled threat to Mr. Comey, which could be construed as threatening a witness in this investigation, which is another violation of federal law.’

Durbin continued, saying that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must either appoint an independent special prosecutor or resign.

‘To preserve his reputation as a credible prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein must appoint an independent special prosecutor to pursue possible criminal charges, or he must resign.’

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) joined Durbin and others who have called for an independent special prosecutor later on Friday when she released her own statement.

In her statement, Feinstein said that she supports Durbin’s call for Rosenstein to resign if he will not appoint a special counsel because ‘these investigations are far too important to risk disruption, delay, or interference.’

She went on to explain why it is so important to her that a special counsel lead the investigation:

‘The bottom line is that the American people need answers. They need to know whether the FBI Director was fired to disrupt an investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. The Judiciary Committee needs to conduct meaningful oversight and ensure the independence and integrity of our system of justice.’

During his confirmation hearing in March, Rosenstein dodged questions from Feinstein about appointing a special prosecutor, saying that he was not in a position to provide an answer. Sources close to Rosenstein told CNN on Friday evening that, even in light of Comey’s abrupt firing, the deputy Attorney General still does not see any need to appoint special counsel.

He might end up resigning anyway, though, and not because of Durbin and Feinstein’s statements. According to The Washington Post, Rosenstein has threatened to resign out of frustration over the fact that Comey’s firing has been pinned on him.”

So, in case you’re keeping up with this; Comey came out and revealed some cold hard truths about Hillary that showed America what she was and possibly lost her the election. This made liberals furious and had them asking for his head. Because they were angry at Trump they have pushed and pushed the Russia angle as being the way President Trump won (even though they also blame Comey) prompting an investigation, probably just to get them to shut up. A short 4 months into his term, the President fired the hated Comey. This also infuriated Democrats, who now say that President Trump only fired him because he was investigating the Russian influence on the election.

I’m pretty sure whoever is pulling the strings over at the DNC is PMSing hard because that’s the only logical explanation for the flip flopping and game playing that’s going on over there. Maybe somebody just needs a Snickers, because you’re not yourself when you’re livid over Trump.

(Source: Bipartisan Report)

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