LOOK At The EPIC Change Trump Just Made To The Official BLM Website – He Trolled Liberals Like NEVER Before!

Apparently, Liberals are once again shedding desperate tears over President Trump’s most recent move at the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM.   It seems President Trump has given the go ahead to change the course of BLM from protecting just our environment to protecting our environment and our citizen’s livelihoods.

This is what the website looked like under President Barack Hussein Obama:

And this is what it looks like today under President Trump:

Coal, beautiful coal.

Trump trolled libs Hard and now they’re freaking out big time.

The anti-Trump website “Resistance Report” posted this article about the change.

And over at the socialist Huffington Post, this was the reaction.

Apparently, liberals aren’t fans of electricity, or warm homes, or keeping their food from spoiling in a cool invention called the refrigerator.

BLM spokesperson Megan Crandall in an email sent on Friday said the new banner image is part of the agency’s “transition to a new website design,” where the agency plans to rotate to different images once a week. So glad Mooochele Obama’s childhood friend isn’t in charge of this website also so we can avoid a fiasco like the Obamacare rollout where after billions of dollars were thrown away, the website wasn’t close to being battle ready on the roll out date.

The BLM owns more than a quarter-billion acres of the nation’s federal lands.  Why does the American government need to own so much land? Also, BLM manages 700 million acres of “subsurface mineral estate” below that land and leases a mixture of both to fossil fuel companies. Under the Obama administration, the BLM stopped leasing any new federal land to coal mining companies, though it continued leasing land for oil and natural gas production.

Since roughly 40% of the nation’s coal does come from land owned by the Bureau of Land Management President trump has made a clear move in showing the nation, and the world that America is open for business and that we won’t be help hostage to left-wing profiteers like Al Gore and the far left fear mongering man-made global warming crowd. The same crowd of elitists who fly private jets and own homes of 10,000 plus square feet. But are all too happy to tell us peons who struggle just to keep the lights on how to live our lives.

One thing is for certain, the coal industry which we need to power the Tesla’s the elite in Silicon Valley drive, can once again breath a sigh of relief. As President Obama said after the 2012 election, “Elections have Consequences.” Glad to see these are great consequences.

Jeff Rainforth contributed to this article.

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