BREAKING: Trump Just BUSTED Nancy Pelosi In MAJOR Crime — What She Was Caught Doing Is SICKENING

The fact that Nancy Pelosi still holds political office is a testament to the insanity of California’s voters.

The country has rejected Barack Obama, and it should reject Pelosi next. After all, the policies she supports are identical to those Obama did. She backed Obama’s stimulus package, which cost taxpayers over $800 billion and stimulated nothing but Obama’s approval in the media. ObamaCare has been even more of a disaster by raising premiums and kicking families off their current plans – all without lowering costs as we were promised.

But who can blame her? We have to pass the bills to find out what’s in them, after all.

Only House Democrats can look at these two budget-busting disasters as “the good old days.”

If her politics won’t convince Californian’s to vote against her (and why would they, considering how far-left Cali is), maybe a scandal will? As the Conservative Post reported:

What Nancy Pelosi just got caught doing will make you SICK! Documents uncovered through a FOIA request shows that Pelosi spent $101,000 in taxpayer dollars for “in-flight services.”

A photo of a in-flight receipt from one of Nancy Pelosi’s flights just leaked and REVEALED WHAT SHE’S REALLY USING TAXPAYER MONEY FOR – GETTING DRUNK!

Last year Pelosi said that the Benghazi hearings were a waste of money – but she had no trouble blowing $100,000 on booze for herself on the taxpayer’s dime.

The bill in question was over the course of two years, meaning that Pelosi racked up a tab of about $1,000 a week – which is about what the median household earns in a week. Think they would be happy to know their tax dollars are ending up in Pelosi’s stomach?

If there’s anything positive to be said here, at least we finally have an explanation for Pelosi’s craziness over the years.

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