Trump Calls Son Of Murdered San Antonio Police Officer. Barack Obama IGNORES Police Again

We can NEVER expect Barack Obama to respect our men and women in law enforcement. During his administration, he’s set the record for the largest number of Presidential pardons (more than the past 11 Presidents combined), and constantly pandered to radical anti-cop groups like Black Lives Matter.

And look at his response when a BLM motivated terrorist killed five officers, marking the worst single day for law enforcement since 9/11. We saw the White House lit up on several occasions in support of various gay rights bills and court victories, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but nothing to honor the fallen in Dallas.

So when an officer was murdered in San Antonio, while Obama was playing his millionth round of golf, Donald Trump did what Obama never would. As BizPacReview reported:

The family of slain San Antonio police officer Benjamin Marconi received condolences from president-elect Donald Trump on Monday night, according to The San Antonio Express News.

On a Facebook post that has since become unavailable for public viewing, Dane Gregory Marconi posted, “Just got off the phone with the future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family.”

According to Politico, Trump’s campaign hasn’t confirmed the call, but such classy gestures aren’t uncommon for Trump, who also called slain NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo’s widow two weeks ago.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the Express News article.

You may have caught out story on the incident yesterday. The assailant Otis Tyrone McKane had shot officer Marconi completely unprovoked. Marcono had pulled over another driver and been issuing him a traffic citation as McKane ran up behind him, shooting him twice in the head. The cop hadn’t done as much as make eye contact with McKane.

Think Obama would honor an officer who was slain in those circumstances? Of course not. If he was going to speak on such an incident, he’d probably make a point about how if he had a son, it would’ve looked like the assailant.

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