BREAKING: Trump Makes MASSIVE Move Against CHICAGO For Harboring Illegals. Good For Him!

Chicago has been a hell hole for both it’s citizens, and the rest of the country – and you can thank liberal policies for that. But now it seems that President Trump is actually his combating this lefty scourge, and he’s doing it by tightening down on leftist leadership in the city.

The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, is flat out of $4.6 million federal dollars after he promised that his city would remain a sanctuary city, and thus putting its citizens in further danger by breaking federal law.

A sanctuary city is a safe-haven for illegal immigrants, meaning that ICE agents who are looking for specific suspects that are illegal aliens, are protected by the city, allowing them to continue to roam around as if they were legal citizens. This freedom for those who are not accountable leads to much destruction and heartache. Polls done by the Washington Feed have established that there are around 511,000 illegal immigrants in the state of Illinois as it stands, and a massive 35 percent of them are located just in Chicago.

Chicago has been a hotbed for violence and mayhem, and there is a direct link to Emanuel and his policies. He is a prime example of radical leftist policies and he’s before been the target of citizens demanding that he resign.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has given warning to Mayor Emanuel that if he continued to create a safe haven for illegal immigrants, then a defunding would happen, and that’s exactly what happened. Of course, the former Obama administration member would not listen to reason.

Of course, the Emanuel team is doing damage control, stating that nothing is wrong and that federal funding has not stopped. We’ll see how this all plays out, but I’m guessing a city is hurting bad without its federal funds.

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