TRUMP CHRISTMAS! Watch Trump’s Hilarious Video That Went VIRAL Overnight!

It appears that Trump’s new Christmas video just might turn out to be the song of the season! It was just released a little over 2 days ago and has already struck 1 million views already…

That was unexpected…

The producer of the music video, Dana Kamide, provided all the music and vocals as well, and it’s put together to make one very hilarious and …well pretty awesome song parody basically says it all!

The song is titled “It’s The Most Wonderful Time In 8 Years” if you couldn’t tell already…it’s a parody based on the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Remember when George Baily straight up begs God through his guardian angel to let him come back to life again? In this scenario, God is being begged to help President-elect Donald Trump… “Make America Great Again”

It’s awesome.

Awesome, because after all the good tides it brings, it also has a Hillary Clinton cameo…

Sorry Hillary, you just make it too easy.


So spread this video with good cheer and deck your facebook, and twitter timelines with this video. After all, it is the Holidays! It’s a time for good deeds, and giving service to our fellowmen right?

In just a little over a month, President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence will be the leaders of this this country. They are already showing proof that this country is starting to become great again and they aren’t even in DC yet….

Can you imagine how great American will become once they are?

Merry Christmas!

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