BREAKING: Trump Just Received The GREATEST News From The Owner Of CNN! This Is HUGE!

Wait. Pigs flying? Hell frozen over? Because Time Warner CEO, Jeff Bewkes just told Business Insider’s that the “real threat” to the First Amendment did not come from President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign…but get this, he says the threat came from the Democratic Party!

According to Business Insider:

Oddly enough, Trump has set his sight on Bewkes’ media property…that of CNN. The very network that Trump was consistently slammed on and ridiculed throughout the entirety of the election up until now.

Bewkes didn’t think it was a serious thing and suggested instead that “we should all worry” about someone seeking to change the First Amendment, and continues to suggest that the Democratic Party was trying to do just that, stating “had a campaign plank to change the First Amendment, and they were doing it in the guise of campaign finance reform.”

“And that was worrying me more,” Bewkes said. “The press tends to miss that because they tend to lean that way, and therefore they were supporting what they were viewing — I think overly charitably — as something in cleaning up money in politics when in fact what it would do is restrain multiple voices.”

Several democrats, including Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have vowed to engage in a campaign finance reform following the completion of this election- which is a cause that has obviously been bolstered in recent years when the Supreme Court Citizens made the decision.

The 2010 ruling deemed that corporations and labor unions were people who could flex First Amendment rights in contributing to campaigns, and it led to the advent of so-called super PACs.

This is the argument that Bekes makes:

“So I thought the real threat to the First Amendment came from the Democrats’ side more,” Bewkes said. “There’s not going to be a serious effort on the Republican side.”

Watch the video.

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