BREAKING: Trump Makes Huge Announcement After Meeting Condi Rice In White House

Ever since political outsider Donald Trump’s historic victory Democrats have been trying furiously to spin it as some sort of illegal or devious activities that caused him to win. If it wasn’t the Russians then it must have been lying, or better yet brainwashing. A favorite fall back theory is that the Republicans just gave up and decided to let our rights be taken away just so a Republican would win.

Along with that theory is the one that Republicans never criticized Trump for anything he did, which is just a blatant lie. Many Republicans were very hesitant to support Trump’s bid for Presidency. One such doubtful individual was a former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She was at one point very outspoken against Trump and his presidential aspirations. However, she is an excellent example of someone who understands the importance of moving on from your differences and doing all the good that you can do.

Obviously, the two are on at least friendly terms now, since Rice accepted the President’s invitation to a meeting at the Oval Office.  We don’t currently know what the meeting was concerning, but given the President’s track record of consulting experienced government officials, it could have been any number of issues in which she is an expert.

The President tweeted this after the meeting with Rice:

While it’s all still speculation as to what the meeting was concerning, the fact that Rice is one of the foremost experts on Russia, and with Russia still being a top issue of the day, it’s a safe bet that it at least came up. We also don’t know if he plans to offer her a place in his budding administration, but that would no doubt make conservatives happy and liberals angry in one fell swoop.

It could have just been a “hi, welcome to the neighborhood” visit, but with the workhorse reputation that these two have, we’re pretty sure they talked shop at least a little.

(Source: WP Insider)

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