TRUMP: MASSIVE Crowd Goes WILD “Barack Hussein Obama Is Founder Of ISIS…Hillary Is Co-Founder”

Big Trump has a massive accusation to backup as he publicly states that President Barack Obama is the founder of ISIS and crooked Hillary Clinton is the co-founder.

Now that escalated quickly!

Watch Donald Trump’s crowd erupt as he says that Obama found ISIS and Hillary is his crooked co-founder.

Chicago Tribune – Trump has long blamed Obama and his former secretary of state — Hillary Clinton — for pursuing Mideast policies that created a power vacuum in Iraq that was exploited by IS. But in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, that message appeared muddled. Hewitt said that as he understood Trump’s comments to mean Obama created unstable conditions by withdrawing U.S. forces that allowed IS to thrive. Trump responded, “No, I mean he’s the founder of ISIS. I do. He was the most valuable player,” according to interview transcripts.

There’s no truth to this yet, but it’s a brazen statement for Donald Trump to make. I don’t believe they found ISIS, but I’m not too closed-minded to think that a few dollars here or there haven’t accidentally slipped over to ISIS in one way or another.

Then again, what would ISIS need money from Obama or Hillary for? ISIS banks $80 million a month on their own. Which is weird because you’d think they would build a few mansions and make a nice little town for themselves, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t do that yet.

If Trump’s statement is true, which we won’t ever find out in our lifetime unless Obama joined ISIS after he leaves the White House, then how would Democrats react? How would Democrats feel about that?

If it’s not true, then it’s just another Trump statement that he yelps for ratings.

Donald Trump is the king of free press. If that man wants to be on TV and get high ratings, then all he can show up and say anything and the public and press eat it like a rabid dog finding its first meal in weeks. Trump is brilliant genius in that regard.

And now you’re wondering if Obama and Hillary created ISIS.

See what Trump just did to you?

Got you thinking.

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