Trump Delivers KNOCKOUT In Gettysburg With ONE Sentence!

Donald Trump is still hot on the campaign trail with very little time left before the election to gain leads on Hillary Clinton. He gave a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania recently and spoke to a large crowd of supporters. But there are a few important things that are worth mentioning. Trump started off by discussing media corruption and its connection to politics.

At length, he discussed the biased mainstream media and how Hillary Clinton profits off of it while he is castigated for what he deems is less serious offenses. He made it clear that should he get elected in November he will change the message that they are sending out to their viewers.

Surprisingly, but not really, he said that he has every intention of suing all the women who accused him of sexual assault and misconduct during his campaign. But once the election and campaign is over. But one comment he made was very chilling.

He told the crowd that if the media and the mainstream politicians can do what they are doing to Trump will almost unlimited resources, wealth and power just imagine what they can do what the average Americans jobs, freedom, healthcare and pretty much everything.


When the crowd heard that they went berserk because they knew it was the truth. The mainstream media and federal government has everyone by the balls and their isn’t anything anyone can do about it as the federal government grows and grows and grows as more progressive democratic politician are elected into office.

If Trump himself cannot defend himself against the blatant attacks and back room dealings then how can an average American? That is the thing, they can’t! And the media knows it which is exactly why they keep doing what they are doing. Shame on them for that.

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