Trump Just Responded To Whining Top Democrats And Knocked Them All The HELL OUT In One Move!

President Trump faces some heat after firing FBI director James Comey. Comey was supposedly investigating Trump, so Trump hacked him off the payroll like one of those little Caribbean lizards who lose a tail and it almost grows back.

The backlash is real when it comes to the Democrats and social media. They’re ganging up on President Trump, posting negativity like crazy, creating a further divide in the system of American politics.

Trump isn’t the only person who’s been trashed by democrats. James Comey received his fair share too.

Here are some hot examples from the previous times that democrats tried to demolish the President, but I’m sure they later regret it after “45” socked them with a harsh comment including a wicked video in retaliation. You know, because politics is all about our grown men and women acting like teenage girls in high school.

Did Tim Walz ever have confidence in him? What changed? Was this a shot in the social media field to act relevant and grab a cheap 3574 likes?

What did Comey do? Not fully investigate Hillary Clinton? Try to investigate his own President? If he’s going to be legit, then he should have investigated both people to keep things fair between parties.  Had James Comey equally investigate both Hillary and Donald, then both parties would be equally happy or irritated, but at least the treatment would be fair. Give us a break, Chuck.

First time I heard of this man. At least his picture looks great like a high school graduation picture. I would love for Hank to write back and inform us of what specifically lead to his dismay with James Comey.

Coming from Tim Kaine, that doesn’t really mean much. A man who’s most popular asset is his eyebrow should probably avoid posting nasty things about others. How many people showed up to the Tim Kaine rallies during the 2016 election? Not enough to help sway a victory, that’s for sure!

I’m a firm believer that Nancy Pelosi’s plastic-looking face says whatever it wants. I’m not fully convinced that it’s entirely attached to her brain, therefore she often looks strange and mutters things that make as much sense as anything Maxine Waters says.

When democrats say you’re wrong, then that often means you were right. The reason is because democrats are generally wrong when it comes to just about anything, so it’s easy to stand by someone like Comey in the face of democrats.

Even though Comey was just fired, I’d still trust him more than a liberal.

Here’s the video that President Trump has been sending around to top democrats, landing the knockout punch right on the chin of their social media accounts. It hilariously begins with Bernie Sanders.

H/T Red State Watcher

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