Trump Just Made HUGE Announcement About Who He’s Putting In Top DHS Position – BLM Thugs Are FREAKING Out!


Recent reports state that President Trump is considering the possibility of placing a very prominent and powerful man in a top position for the Department of Homeland Security. If there’s a guy who’s fit for the job, then it’s definitely the person that Trump might consider. This is a strong willed man filled with common sense, logic, and the determination to succeed as human beings – not as colors, shapes, sizes, or genders. This guy wants us to do well, act well, and be well.

President Trump is eyeballing Sheriff David Clarke Jr., the man, myth, and legend who labeled Black Lives Matter as a violent terrorist movement. He wasn’t wrong, that’s for damn sure! Every race has their jerks, but when you group violent jerks together to commit crime, then you may as well be considered domestic terrorists.

Sheriff David Clarke Jr., an early Trump endorser, has made headlines in the past for his statements about Black Lives Matter activists, including a 2015 tweet in which he predicted the movement would “join forces with [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria].”

Three sources told Politico that Clarke is being considered for assistant secretary at the Office of Partnership and Engagement at Homeland Security, a position that does not require Senate confirmation.

People may try to say this is a conflict of interest or that Trump is only selecting people who supported him. WRONG! Sheriff Clarke would be a huge asset to the Department of Homeland Security. He’s a straight shooter who cuts right to the chase. There’s no favoritism from him. He wants things done the right way and that’s it.

It would also further dispel all those hilarious rumors about Trump being a racist. If you remember correctly, the democrats tried to paint Trump as a racist, but ever since Trump won – there’s been nothing. The democrats are so ridiculous that they tried to paint him as a racist, even though Trump has been in the public eye for YEARS and has not ever once had an incident where someone thought he was racist. There’s literally nothing in this man’s history as a celebrity that totes him as a hater of the blacks or anyone else.

Hiring Sheriff Clarke would further prove that Trump isn’t a racist, but he certainly is a businessman. His pick of Betsy DeVos was the equivalent of going bankrupt (she stinks), but I suppose The Don won’t bat 1.000 on everything.

While Clarke has made headlines as an outspoken Trump backer, he faces dwindling poll numbers in Milwaukee. A January poll found that Clarke, currently a Democrat, would almost certainly lose both his party’s primary and, if he had made it far enough, the general election.

Trump hires a black democrat. How bout that, folks. Is Clarke a DINO like how McCain is a RINO? Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll take Clarke on our side any day of the week.

The above tweet was posted back in October of 2015. It compares Black Lives Matter to ISIS in the sense that there’s an evil agenda behind the gathering and prowess of the people. There isn’t an ounce of positivist to be savored in this boiling pot filled with hate.

When you gather hundreds of people together, because a CRIMINAL was shot, and you destroy your own neighborhood – then you’re not a cause for the good, you’re just a harrowing group of uneducated troublemakers using the death of a scumbag to justify bad behavior of your own.

Black Lives Matter is a horrible group to be part of because it doesn’t really care about all black lives. It only cares about black criminals shot by white police. It doesn’t care about black criminals shot by black police. It doesn’t care about black babies aborted by the thousands. It doesn’t care about black people shot by black people. It doesn’t care about the black Delaware State Trooper who was shot by a black criminal. Black Lives Matter is a joke.

If you’re into being the butt end of a joke all your life, then join Black Lives Matter. If you want to make a difference and be an amazing human, then pull yourself away from the thug mentality, stay in school, and go to college or learn a trade and make a career for yourself. Knowledge is power and the thug mentality won’t get anyone anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, just be a good person and good things come your way.

Sheriff Clarke will hopefully get tasked with a top position at DHS and people can use him as a role model.

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