Trump Disappears In Israel for Several Hours, We Just Discovered The Stunning Reason Why…

President Trump has had an extraordinary first overseas trip. He has visited Italy, Israel, Saudi Arabia and even Brussels to name a few places. The President has met with the Pope, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Emmanuel Macron. The polls have indicated he has been getting a very good response from the public back home while he is abroad.

While in Israel he reaffirmed the strategic alliance and friendship between Israel and the United States while meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also became the first sitting President to visit the western wall. His wife also met with Netanyahu’s.

Despite the liberal narrative that the President is a xenophobic bigot and a sociopath who doesn’t care about anyone else but himself, he took several hours out of his day to do something special for someone very special. Emilee Imbar is a 14-year-old Israeli girl who has been battling a rare form of cancer for several years now and her dying wish was to meet with President of the United States. The President took time out of his schedule to meet with her.

Emilee was staying at Rachashei Lev. Rachashei Lev is one of the countries top pediatric cancer centers. Shimi Geshayed, Director of Rachashei Lev, took the opportunity to take a picture with the President and Emilee during their visit.

During the meeting, the young girl reportedly told the President how she had hoped she could visit the White House one day and be successful enough to do business with him. While the President wished her a speedy recovery and healthiness and described the difficulties of being President. He reportedly was very moved by the exchange.

The trip to Israel only lasted for 27 hours yet the President took time out of his schedule to meet with Emilee. Indicating it was not about the fanfare but about genuinely making a difference in this young girls life. Whereas the former administration took every opportunity to make a public ordeal out of little acts of kindness. The private nature of this meeting shows not only the bias of the mainstream media for not reporting on it but also the genuine nature of the President’s good deed.

However, the mainstream liberal media did not report on this. Instead choosing to report on how he didn’t hold hands with his wife and how Emmanuel Macron reportedly shook hands with Angela Merkel before the President on purpose. Unfortunately, the truth is much better than the false reality the mainstream media has depicted. Which is that the President deeply cares about people which is why he took time out of his day to meet Emilee.

Look at the letter that Emilee had written for him,

This meeting highlights an amazing trip. Not only was the meeting with Emilee amazing but so was the overall trip. While visiting the Prime Minister said the following about Donald Trump and the United States,

“We had a terrific discussion today. And when I say terrific, it encompasses everything. We can talk about deregulation, we can talk about economics. I think we quote each other. We understand each other and so much of the things that we wish to accomplish for both our countries.

But I want to thank you especially today for your deep commitment to Israel’s security, its wellbeing, and its future. I have no doubt that, as we work together, you and I, the alliance between our countries will grow ever stronger. I want you to know how much we appreciate the change in American policy on Iran, which you enunciated so clearly just an hour ago.

I want you to know how much we appreciate your bold decision to act against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. And I want to tell you also how much we appreciate the reassertion of American leadership in the Middle East.”

He continued,

“I also look forward to working closely with you to advance peace in our region, because you have noted so succinctly that common dangers are turning former enemies into partners. And that’s where we see something new and potentially something very promising. It won’t be simple. But for the first time in many years — and, Mr. President, for the first time in my lifetime — I see a real hope for change.

The Arab leaders who you met yesterday could help change the atmosphere, and they could help create the conditions for a realistic peace. These are all great signs on your historic visit. It’s a visit that I think has echoed down the ages, because the great Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said that there was no city on Earth he so much desired to see as Jerusalem. Well, Mr. President, Donald, there’s no city on Earth where you are more welcome than right here with us in Jerusalem. Welcome to Jerusalem. Welcome to Israel.”

The trip was successful on all accounts. Emilee will surely never forget.

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