Trump Does It Again! Nails Welfare Leeches with CRUSHING News

Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail he would crackdown on welfare fraud and reform the system. He also promised immigration reform and to reduce the deficit. All of which he has already done in his two short months on the job. While liberals hate it everyone else is in love with his air of action.

The President has endorsed a bill going through the House of Representatives that would allow different states to perform drug tests on those who are applying for unemployment benefits. In the previous administration this was not allowed. In fact it was stigmatized. If you did agree with the legislation you were labeled a bigot.

The only exception made was for jobs that had mandatory drug testing. With a supermajority in Congress, the Senate, and the White House the chances of this legislation passing is very great. Their will be little pushback within the party and any they do receive from outside their party won’t matter because they have the majority votes.

This is not a new idea. Drug testing has been an idea thrown around for a long time now. But liberals have always hated it because they feel it discriminates against minorities. Which is a bunch of nonsense. It discriminates against people who take drugs. I’ve never met a person who has a problem with that.

Not everyone on welfare is a leech. Not everyone using various types of entitlement benefits are lazy. But their is no denying their is massive corruption and fraud within the system. It needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed quickly. This new administration is going to do just that.

The worst possible thing is for this to become the norm. An entitlement culture is not what this country was based on. It was based on truth and hard work.

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