Look What Trump Just Did For Easter… This Is Amazing

After 8 long and dark years of having the far left anti-American heathen, Barack Hussein Obama as President, this Easter Christians can once again be proud of their leader.

It’s being reported President Trump has traveled to Mar-a-Lago on Air Force One for this Easter Sunday. First Lady Melania and their son Barron will travel on their own “Trump Force One” to meet him. They are going to have the whole Trump family over for Easter Sunday celebrations. Except for Ivanka who is celebrating Passover in Canada with her husband Jared Kushner and 3 children.

The First Family will attend Easter service at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea near their estate in Palm Beach, Florida on Sunday.  The same church where the future President and future First Lady were married back in 2005.

The President is then expected to spend the rest of the afternoon with family. Celebrating Easter festivities and having their traditional Easter Egg hunt with his grandchildren.

On Monday he and the first lady will travel together to the White House to host the annual Easter Egg Roll.

The first Easter Egg Roll began in 1814 and it was started by First Lady Dolley Madison, the wife of then-President James Madison. Hundreds of children decorated their own eggs, which they brought from home, to join in the fun. Of course, during their time at the White House, the Obamas turned the fun into a “Let’s Go Play” them to promote an active lifestyle. They could never take a break from the agenda!

During his weekly radio address, President Trump stated:

“Easter is a holy day of reverence and worship, a sacred time that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our people. America is a Nation of believers, As long as we have faith in each other, and trust in God, we will succeed.”

We’re a Christian nation again!

Amen my President, Amen!

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