TRUMP EFFECT: Liberals Shocked At Message Left on Sandwich Wrapper! This is AWESOME!

The politically correct culture of the liberal is destroying America and her values one offended feeling at a time. I mean, it’s become so bad that even saying the words ‘Merry Christmas’ became a point of contention due to their obnoxious…feelings.

Well, when this man entered a sub shop to order a sandwich, he was left utterly shocked by what transpired during his visit…and what he found on his sub wrapper. Now it’s breaking the internet.

The man took a lunch break and headed to his local Jimmy John’s sub spot for a bite to eat. He placed his order and afterward waited for his sandwich to be ready while the employee wrapped it up for him to take on the go.

Then he paid for his sandwich…

Grabbed his food…

Then was stunned when he spotted a certain liberal ‘no-no’ on his sandwich wrapper, something you just don’t see these days…anywhere anymore.


Yes, the wrapper had a sticker on it that said “Merry Christmas” on it… loud and proud and in a beautiful Santa red!

He knew it was a rare thing to see in today’s society where a simple “Merry Christmas” has become almost a taboo to say… (thanks a lot liberal stupidity) So he took a quick photo of the happy find and very rare occurrence and posted his experience to social media.

What he didn’t know at the time was how CRAZY the internet would be over the whole ordeal…and how much attention his post would get for it.

Most people who commented thought the sticker was awesome, and left comments like…

“That’s how we do it!” and “Merry Christmas, Jimmy Johns!”

However, as I’m sure you are well aware…there is a liberal lurking around every corner, seeking out opportunities to be either offended or an asshole…and in many cases both.

This is no exception….but we’re not going to give those idiots any attention. Lets keep talking about the good comments shall we!

Through one comment we also learned that another Jimmy Johns was using the ‘Merry Christmas’ stickers as well, but they also are taking a step further, as explained by one comment..

“My Jimmy John’s also has red and green wrapping paper for the sandwiches.”

Pretty cool right? I for one am glad to see less ‘Happy Holidays’ and more ‘Merry Christmas’ since Trump has set the record straight and reminded America… it is ok to NOT be politically correct.

So sick of PC crap…know what I mean?

I’d bet you do.


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