Donald Trump Drives Liberals Nuts With One Tweet About Electoral College

Jill Stein of the Green Party and Hillary Clinton have been with working together to get a recount in certain key states. Nobody is quite sure what they are after since it is very clear the results are not going to change. Trump and his transition team released a statement arguing it was a money grab. But it won’t change the decision of the electoral college, which President Elect Trump won. Now, Trump is even saying he won the popular vote despite the fact that Hillary Clinton got more votes.

He posted the following on Twitter arguing that he really won the general election but the results do not reflect it because millions of illegal immigrants voted who were not citizens.


Trump also Tweeted that if presidential elections were decided by the popular vote, it would have been easier to win as campaigning would only need to take place in larger states – which is true for the most part.

If the popular vote decided who would be president, candidates would adjust their campaigns accordingly. They’d campaign where the most people are.

All of the mainstream liberal media have completely denounced this as nothing more than outrageous. But the popular vote has had problems in the past with integrity. Voter fraud is a rampant issue, which is why Clinton and Stein have asked for a recount. Even Trump himself argued if he lost it would be because of a rigged system.

Faulty computer programs, multiple absentee ballots sent to different addresses as well as other methods are used for voter fraud. Which impairs the quality of the popular vote and it always has. Anyone has pause to question it.

Trump trolled liberals… and it’s awesome to see them freak out.

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