BREAKING: Trump Unloads MAMMOTH Executive Order… Obama, Liberals Are Raging!

For all the liberals who cheered on Barack Obama’s executive orders, be warned, it goes both ways.

During his first week in office, President Donald Trump has fired off a number of executive orders, targeting all sorts of sacred cows for leftists. He’s banned the US from funding abortion internationally, allowed construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, withdrawn from the Transpacific Partnership, dealt numerous blows to ObamaCare, and much more.

As for the latest, Patriot Journal reported:

President Trump plans to sign executive orders Wednesday enabling construction of his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and targeting cities where local leaders refuse to hand over illegal immigrants for deportation, according to White House officials familiar with the decisions.

The actions, part of a multi-day focus on immigration, are among an array of sweeping and immediate changes to the nation’s immigration system under consideration by the new president. The moves represent Trump’s first effort to deliver on perhaps the signature issue that drove his presidential campaign: his belief that illegal immigration is out of control and threatening the country’s safety and security.

Perhaps the biggest promise of Trump’s campaign was his eradication of illegal immigration. The left still refuses to acknowledge the massive crisis we have been dealing with since Obama’s presidency.

Following the stripping of grants to sanctuary cities, Miami became the first to cave and give up their “sanctuary” status today, citing fears over losing millions in federal funding.

A bunch of other mayors of sanctuary cities had previously banded together, promising to defy Trump on immigration, but they likely weren’t expecting financial consequences for doing so. Illegal immigration is harming their cities, and literally, the only reason they’re refusing to deal with the problem is to spite Trump. Will they still refuse to deport them even if they’ll lose Federal funding in doing so? It’ll be interesting to see where their priorities really are…

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