BREAKING: Trump Family In Mourning After Tragic Death – Please Send Prayers

The Trump family is mourning the sad loss of a close family friend. Milka Milisavljevic, their nanny over the last decade has now past away. She was an eighty five year old Serbian woman. She unfortunately passed in Belgrade the capital of Serbia. She had a short illness she had suffered from.

Her upcoming funeral will be on Saturday. She had several grandchildren as well as two sons she will be leaving behind. They all lived in the United States. The Serbian immigrant moved in with the Trump’s and began nannying for them shortly after Donald Jr. was born. She came to America in the 1970’s. She cared for here of Trump’s adult children.

She had attended military school as a kid and had a reputation for being serious. She once told reporters she kept a gun in her for the sake of the safety of the Trump kids. She moved back to Belgrade fifteen years ago when her nannying duties finished.


Ivanka Trumo wrote her a glorious recommendation letter for her after she stopped working for them. Reportedly, she maintained a good and close relationship with the kids even after she stopped being there nanny. Ivana labeled her hard working, caring, responsible, and patient.

After Donald Trump was elected the media got a hold of her and she praised him in her comments. As well as his family. She expressed the wish to see them one more time before she passed. Clearly this woman was an extension of their own family. Any loss is sad and the fact that this happened during the holiday season surely makes it much sadder.

All the people closest to Donald Trump say the same things about him, they have nothing but praise. Obviously where there is smoke there is fire. And if all the people closest to him have nice things to say about him he must be good people.

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