BREAKING: Potential Assassination Attempt! Trump Family Rushed Into Bunker

There are many malicious individuals out there who love to cause harm to president Trump. As online threats on Trump’s life are now become a common occurrence, one man decided to up the ante and go physically after President Trump at the White House, in a very disturbing incident that is just beginning to be reported.

On Friday at almost midnight, Secret Officer spotted something completely out of the norm, after noticing a man walking across White House grounds in a restricted area. A 26-year-old California man some how managed to jump the perimeter fence, sending the White House into immediate lock-down, where the President and his family were immediately rushed to safety. Security immediately swarmed the scene, where Jonathan Tran, 26,  of Milpitas, Calif., was arrested charged with unlawful entry.

Horrifyingly, President Trump was at the White House during the incident, and he along with his family were rushed to safety until authorities cleared the area. The president immediately congratulated his team of Secret Service agents following the breech, saying they “did a fantastic job.”

USA Today has more:

According to the report, the potential assassin was on White House grounds shortly before midnight.

When the threat was neutralized, the White House was placed on “Orange Alert,” which is one of the highest states of readiness for the Secret Service.

The Secret Service said the incident occurred at about 11:38 p.m. when the man, who was carrying a backpack, scaled an outer perimeter fence by the Treasury Building and East Executive Avenue.

The report stated that the man began to walk away as the officer walked toward him.  When asked if he was holding an authorized pass, the suspect replied: “No, I am a friend of the president. I have an appointment.”

Asked how he got there, the suspect, according to the report, told the officer, “I jumped the fence.”

The report said security footage showed the suspect jumping the northwest courtyard fence of the Treasury building in a restricted area.

Thank God that this man was spotted before he could’ve caused harm to our president. It’s truly alarming how many deranged individuals there are out there.

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