Watch Butthurt Liberals Instantly Lose Their Mind When They See What’s In Donald Trump’s Vacation VIDEO!

All Donald Trump and his family have to do is breath and people criticize them. So it makes perfect sense why liberals are outraged over a recent family trip the President’s son took with his family. Donald Trump Jr., his sons, and his friend went to Florida to enjoy the beach and boy did they.

Watch the video below to see what the family caught,

People became outraged when they thought the shark was dead and lying on the beach. However, the President’s son made it clear on his Facebook post that he was catching and releasing. The shark was not dead. Earth Touch News even confirmed the Trumps broke no laws saying,

It is okay to take a picture of a fish while it’s in the process of being released. But a fish should not be held out of the water for long periods just for the purpose of taking a picture. Whenever possible, take pictures of the fish while in the water.”

Liberals immediately went crazy as did environmental activists over what they label as animal cruelty. In reality, they just want something to complain about. Look what one liberal news site said about Trump Jr’s endeavor – They lied & said the shark was dead.

Here’s Trump Jr’s Instagram post where he clearly denotes it’s “catch & release.”

Liberals are truly reaching for something to take issue with. The shark was not dead and was just about to be released back into the ocean. But there is nothing there. They picked the wrong Trump to pick on. Donald Trump Jr. unlike Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump will fight back and defend himself. As well he should. It isn’t open season to lie about whatever you want.

They should think twice before making comments they have no way of backing up. Find something better to do with your time, like getting a job. Something to fill up your time and energy with.

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