WATCH: Trump Fan Destroys “Slave Driver” Obama… “I Don’t Want Handouts! I Want…”


Two African-American men created a video that went viral after posting it to YouTube. It was all about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump concerning the upcoming election. Surprisingly, the video was the two men and other people within the African-American community chastising Hillary Clinton and explaining why people should not vote for her.

Funny enough, one of the men even compared President Obama to a slave owner saying,

I’m voting for Trump because I want jobs, not welfare! I don’t want to be a slave anymore! I don’t want handouts! I want freedom! I want actual freedom.”

He went on,

You have a right to do whatever you want to do. You have a right to vote for whoever you want to!”

They both made a point to acknowledge that as minorities supporting Donald Trump they are ostracized and treated as Uncle Toms and traitors. Furthermore, that they are treated terribly by so called tolerant liberals they once called friends.

One boy got multiple violent threats. Another was followed in the street by stalkers while dozens of different people jeered at him. In another instance one man followed him just so they could throw up their middle fingers at the camera. Absolutely disgusting.

They said,

Liberals and Democrats use racism in order to funnel votes to their candidate. It’s simple mind games that liberals and Democrats can play. They will push racism as a tool to get you to vote Democrat.”

It is always nice to see people of color pointing out the hypocrisy of the left’s ideology. When conservatives do it it simply goes in one ear and out the other but when it comes from within the voices are always louder. As they say, it’s not the words of our enemies that bothers us most but the silence of our friends. These friends spoke out and their words were very clearly heard.